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How can I reach customer service?

Customer Care Specialists are available via email and on telephones 070 597 07030 and 070 597 07040. Please contact us on any questions regarding your service.

What do you install at my premises?

The equipment varies depending on your location. The antenna mounts on the rooftop of your building or an existing antenna tower. In some instances where we need additional signal strength, we use a reflector dish – which looks very much like a small TV satellite dish.

How long will installation take?

Installation normally takes up to 3 hours depending on the difficulty of the installation. We do require someone to be at the installation to approve the antenna location, placement of the inside WiFi router etc.

How do I make payment?

You can make payments using My Volt online, by cheque made out to “Ekovolt Telco Limited” or bank transfer to Guaranty Trust Bank A/C 0170576353 or Zenith Bank A/C 1014296519

Can I self-install?

No, only with our professional installers can we guarantee the quality of your service and installation.

Who owns the equipment?

All equipment remain the property of Ekovolt and are to be returned in workable condition at termination of service. You may purchase or lease, if you require additional equipment for service.

Is service affected by weather?

Not normally. Unlike Satellite TV, our signal is broadcast from towers within 3km of your location and there is a direct line of sight between transmitting tower and your premises equipment. Given the direct connection and short distances the signal is not affected by rain or fog.

How does this differ from 3G/4G Mobile Internet?

Volt Internet is a fixed wireless service - your Unlimited Data service is only made available at your installed premise. Typical 3G, 4G mobile internet options offer the flexibility to roam with your modem, however they are capped data plans.

Is there a contract?

All service plans have at minimum, a 6-month agreement.

How much is installation?

Installation fees are N35,000 for Home and from N55,000 for Business (exclusive of tax).

We occasionally have a situation where the signal is marginal at the time of installation. In this event we may decline service or (after consulting with the customer) install service with the provision that if we are unable to keep the service working acceptably we will refund the install fee and cancel service.